Why Google Needs Authority Sites

By Joshua Boyd

All internet marketers are obsessed with Google. Google is the target, rankings are the goal.

Ever since Google started dominating the search engine market about a decade ago, webmasters have been trying to reverse engineer Google’s algorithm for clues to the mystery of high rankings.

‘PageRank’ was the buzzword of the day, and any webmaster worth his or her salt tried to gain PageRank. And that meant getting links.

You know the rest of the story. The new art of link spamming began to spread. And the more prevalent it became, the harder Google fought back. No sooner did Google shut down one form of link spamming, another would pop up.

It’s ironic that Google’s ground-breaking idea of ranking sites by citation turns out to also be its biggest problem.

After more than a decade of fighting spammed links (which continues today) Google decides it’s had enough. It teaches the algorithm to read !

After gathering data from a group of site testers, Google used artificial intelligence to encode the algorithm with ‘human judgement’ about a website’s quality, taking into consideration the site’s readability, trust, etc. Google, through Panda, just became a ‘subjective’ observer of your site!

So, now the focus changes from PageRank to quality content.

The future of Google’s ability to differentiate between quality and crap is the key to their domination of the search market. Why?

Bing has put pressure on Google to produce quality search results. If they can’t do that, they will lose market share. Good search results are essential.

This should have web marketers quaking in their boots! It’s a lot easier to mass produce bogus links than it is to mass produce quality content. If Google is successful, their search results will indeed gravitate toward more and more quality, leaving behind those horrid sites that try to game the rankings.

Over the long term, Google views your site through the filter of ‘Authority’. You may be able to get short term results in the SERPS using frowned upon techniques, but eventually Google will catch up. So it’s to your advantage to build sites that play to Google’s desires. Why fight it?

All this puts Google on a constant quest for relevant, authoritative websites. It’s simple, just give them what they want. Think quality – quality of content, quality of links, quality of the internet company you keep.

Joshua Boyd is a freelance writer with interests in business and internet marketing. You can learn more about what it takes to build authority sites at authorityROIreviewed.org.